Baseball gloves are a very personal item. They become a part of the player. It breaks in with you. When you put on your glove, it just feels right. The Wilson A2000 has been the glove of choice for players of all levels since 1957. The leather quality and overall construction is second to none. When well taken care of  (and not lost) an A2000 can last through decades of use. As a matter of fact, my A2000 is the only thing that I have held on to since my 16th birthday back in 1988. It has made the journey with me through high school, college, living in a number of different cities and countries. I finally added a newer A2000 to my collection when I got one for each of my sons. The A2000 is available in all different sizes and models for different positions. Wilson even added a new Showcase Series of A2000 gloves with the same quality construction, just made to fit smaller hands. Yes, at $200 it may seem like a lot for a baseball glove, but rather than buying a new $60 year after year, it is worth the investment. If you ever get tired of it (or need to move up in size) chances are pretty good you can get most of your investment back selling it on Ebay. There is a nice market for worn in A2000s. For more information, click here. And if you want something really special, customize your glove at www.wilsoncustomgloves.com.

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That baseball glove is cool.

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No doubt baseball gloves are very important and this glove is looking so good

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