Depending on what part of the country you live in, summer has probably ended and school is just getting started. When you live down here in Fort Lauderdale that means a few things: 1. We may just start seeing temperatures in the '80s again soon. 2. Traffic is about to get really bad with all of the snow-birds getting back into town and 3. Fall Ball is just around the corner!

Fall Ball is a little different than playing in the Spring. At least that's what I'm hearing from some of the other parents that have been through this season before. Supposedly it is a little more relaxed, which I'm glad about. My oldest son's first season was a great learning experience, but as he came in at 9 years old, he was playing against a lot of kids that had been playing baseball for years already. He never complained, and during the season (and every day for the rest of the summer) he worked hard with his younger brother to get better. So I'm excited that he is going to get to play again soon, now that his confidence is up. I'm also excited because with my boys 18 months apart, they were going to be playing in different leagues until they get to high school. But with Fall Ball, it's a little different. Because there aren't as many kids playing, the age divisions get changed around and that means that they are going to get to play on the same team.

It's great for my wife and I  because now we only need to worry about one team's practices and games. I think what is even better than that is the fact that when I told the boys they were going to have a chance to play on the same team they were both really excited. After all, they have been playing catch together just about everyday, rain or shine. When they aren't playing catch, they are studying baseball cards together, or watching baseball games, or playing  baseball on the Wii. To have the opportunity to play together this season is a huge treat. For them and for us.
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