Sometimes that could be a good thing to hear. Sometimes things are going so well, it seems like everything is working in your favor. Well if you are a Marlins fan, seeing the rash of injuries that has plagued the team this season, that rain seems like a typical South Florida hurricane.

The latest storm came through with Josh Johnson shutting down his season early with a sore back and shoulder. At times throughout the season, J.J. was on the fast track to Cy Young accolades. He was rolling along with the lowest ERA in the business. He tweaked his back in early August and that was the beginning of the end for him (along with the playoff hopes of the Marlins organization).

Here is a quick run-down of the other players that have had their seasons cut short: (Some injured. Some traded. Some just stupid)

Ricky Nolasco - Knee injury
Jorge Cantu - Traded
Cody Ross - Traded
John Baker - Elbow injury
Ronnie Paulino - Stupidity (suspended 50 games for violating leagues performance enhancing drug policy by taking a "diet Pill")
Brett Hayes - Separated shoulder

That is a serious list of players down for the count. Time to take a deep breath and just wait for the season to be over. Things have got to get better next year!

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